App + Web Analytics

Today’s customers expect to seamlessly interact with you across multiple channels and devices.  Getting an accurate view of a user journey is difficult. Google has launched a unified tracking platform, called App + Web so that organisations can understand how users interact across websites, mobile apps and all your touchpoints easily.

Over the past decade, we have assisted numerous organisations with onboarding platforms and now, we’ve set our sights on Google’s new analytics product, App + Web. However, App + Web only starts collecting data once you set it up - that is, you cannot simply ‘convert’ your current Google Analytics property into an App + Web property. 

Aside from all of the added benefits of upgrading your analytics to App + Web, if you want to have data for comparison, now is the time to start working on migrating our current Google Analytics implementation to App + Web.

If you'd like to learn more about App + Web, check out our blog, 'What is App + Web?!'


We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to platform migrations so we have outlined some of the common types that we have come across. 

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Type of migration

What do you get?

Is this right for you?

Basic set up of Google App + Web

Setup of an App + Web property.

Setup and configuration of the App + Web tag via your tag management solution.

Access to out-of-the-box reporting in App + Web - this also gives you access to the advanced analysis interface that allows you to do more complex pathing and segmentation analysis that was previously only available for Google Analytics 360 licensed customers.

Configuration of a dashboard to monitor and compare App + Web and Google Analytics data points to help you better understand the differences in metrics for the new platform.

Data validation and automated testing with our proprietary product DataTrue.

Suitable for organisations who want to ensure they have basic out-of-the-box data in their Web + App property to kick-start their migration into Web + App.

Customised event tracking

Everything you would get in the Basic set-up, as well as custom configurations of events tailored to your user journey.  This could include (but not limited to):

  • Tracking your key conversion points and forms.
  • Event tracking for key behavioural indicators such as interactions with videos, clicks on call-to-action buttons, click-2-call buttons, PDF downloads.
  • Tracking on navigation bars or other key links.

Suitable for organisations who want to make sure they can do meaningful year-on-year comparisons with their key metrics and conversion points when Google Analytics is sunsetted.

Ecommerce tracking for App + Web

This includes everything in the basic and custom event tracking setup as well as the configuration of eCommerce analytics for your online check-out journeys within App + Web. 

Suitable for eCommerce or transaction-based businesses that want to leverage the eCommerce features of App + Web.  

While this is primarily designed for online retail businesses, businesses with a complex form or transaction process may also benefit from leveraging eCommerce analytics functionality.

App + Web onboarding for Enterprises

The onboarding for enterprises includes all of the basic and custom tracking required as well as guidance on the key considerations that an enterprise may face from a change management point of view.  

Some of the key considerations could include:

  • What kind of training, documentation and support is required for operational readiness?
  • How can we migrate current reporting and insights that use GA data to App + Web - given that the measurement model will be different?
  • How will App + Web integrate with our marketing stack?
  • How can we stitch offsite data or CRM data with App + Web data?
  • What does this mean from a governance standpoint?

The relationship that you have with your current Google Analytics set up will need to change as we advance forward with App + Web and Lens10 is an experienced partner in change management, digital transformation, and platform migration.  Please speak to us more about how we can help your business.

Suitable for large, enterprise businesses or organisations where digital experiences are critical to the success of their business.