A cloud-based Custom Attribution Engine for the complex user journey

This guide is for those of us with a customer journey more curly than straight, bouncing erratically between online and offline. Last-click has been long dead to us, but even a shiny new out-of-the-box model may be difficult to apply. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider a cloud-based Custom Attribution Engine solution.

Blending the best of fractional and algorithmic approaches – this guide outlines a model which addresses the key challenges faced by many attribution solutions, including:

  • Ingesting touchpoint data from a variety of data sources along the customer journey
  • Joining and transforming touchpoint data into unified user touchpoint paths
  • Conducting data driven (and other) attribution modelling
  • Surfacing modelling insights to end users in an actionable format.

Mostly importantly – unlike the mysterious ‘black box’ nature of most attribution models, it’s completely transparent. You can own the model and see what’s inside the hood.

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