Lens10 Joining Forces with MightyHive

We are thrilled to announce our intention to merge with MightyHive, a leading data and digital media consultancy. The planned merger will add new global capabilities to Lens10’s existing advanced analytics expertise.

30 Jun 2020, by Edie Cheng

Migrating from Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) to Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch is Adobe’s next-generation tag management solution, an innovative approach that unifies Adobe platforms with your marketing ecosystem to allow robust integrations that can deliver relevant customer experiences.  Why is it important? Adobe will retire it’s old tag management system, Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM), in favour of Adobe Launch by January 2021. As a […]

05 May 2020, by Edie Cheng

Why your staff should upskill in Google Tag Manager

If you are using Google Analytics but haven’t implemented Google Tag Manager, or you are using Google Tag Manager but feel like you haven’t really unpacked the full scope of what you can do with it then maybe you should consider upskilling yourself or your staff in one of the most powerful tools in the […]

05 May 2020, by Ogi Askovic

Why every analyst should learn the basics of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager or GTM is one of the cornerstones of customising and enriching the data that you store in Google Analytics. While most organisations train their analysts in GA and their developers in GTM, building a truly proactive, data-driven business can be very difficult with such a fine split between the two roles. While […]

05 May 2020, by Ogi Askovic

Lens10 COVID-19 Impact Analysis Dashboard

We understand that during times of crisis, it can be easy to not see the forest through the trees. We have tunnel vision goggles locked on responding to one fire at a time and feel like there is no time, resources or energy to be more strategic. Unfortunately, in the long run, this reactionary mindset […]

01 May 2020, by Kenny Lo
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