Taiwan, Singapore demonstrate how data-joining can save lives 

If you read our last piece on data privacy, this one flips the script completely. Several fast-moving Asian nations are emerging as aspirational stories of COVID-19 containment, with the joining of citizen data points at the very heart of it. In Taiwan, immigration data is being fed into medical systems, enabling pre-assessment of patient risk […]

27 Mar 2020, by Edie Cheng

What is App + Web?! 

We’ve heard many whispers and rumours about what Google’s new analytics platform App + Web actually is. We figure there is enough uncertainty in our lives right now, so we will jump in and help get the story straight on this one!  With ‘App + Web’, Google has picked a name that is both quite […]

27 Mar 2020, by Edie Cheng

Google and Facebook announce unprecedented move towards better data sharing

For years, these two behemoths have antagonized each other. Some would say, at the expense of true attribution greatness. But now, an unprecedented union between house Facebook and house Google is upon us.  In a recent press release, Facebook revealed a new server-to-server integration with Google’s Campaign Manager (CM). They’ve been working on this behind […]

28 Feb 2020, by Edie Cheng

TikTok clocks social media giants

  Unless you have tweens at home or are member of Gen Z yourself, you’ve probably been actively avoiding this topic for a while now. We too have been decidedly sceptical, after living through the 6 seconds of fame that was Twitter’s video clip service, Vine, in 2013. But, avoid it as we may, TikTok […]

28 Feb 2020, by Edie Cheng

The demise of Hitwise

A common phenomenon we’re seeing these days is the downfall of companies who use data practices that are no longer deemed acceptable in the age of privacy. Another example of this is the sudden closing of Jumpshot, the key data source for popular competitor stats service Hitwise. Hitwise announced in early February that its reporting […]

28 Feb 2020, by Edie Cheng
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