Is Google Data Studio for you?

The growing role of data in business decision making necessitates an effective way to communicate that data. Google Data Studio is Google’s response to the demand for a compelling visualisation tool.

30 Jan 2017, by Michelle McGrath

Benefits of a Tag Management System

With the continuing expansion of the digital marketing industry, the role of tags for tracking data has become more important and complex.

01 Jun 2015, by Michelle McGrath

Integrating GA with The Booking Button

Using The Booking Button? Lens10 recently helped SiteMinder to update their Google Analytics integration to Universal. Follow this guide to attribute hotel bookings to the original campaign or traffic source in Google Analytics.

01 Apr 2015, by Michelle McGrath

Analytics Defintions: Visits, Visitors, Pageviews and Unique Pageviews

Google Analytics presents your data across a range of different metrics, and it is important to know exactly what your data means. Having 10 000 visits can be very different to having 10 000 visitors, which is again different to having 10 000 pageviews. Here is how Google defines 4 basic measures of traffic, and what each one means.

21 Feb 2014, by Michelle McGrath