Privacy reigns: How to prepare for ad tech disruption in 2020

Everyone ‘knows’ about privacy. But who really understands it – specifically, whether it’s a matter for urgent action, beyond deploying a few new pop-ups on your website? This attitude of ‘everyone’s focused on privacy, so I should be too’ feels strangely reminiscent of the early days of ‘the cloud’ or ‘big data’ – it’s front […]

28 Feb 2020, by Edie Cheng

Project Management for Digital Marketers and Analysts

We often get caught up with our daily work and lose sight of our overall progress. In order to avoid missing deadlines and disappointing stakeholders, take some time to apply the project management method Lens10 practices. We’ve shared our project management framework we use for our digital analytics projects, however it can be applied to any project that you are managing to keep you afloat when you’re drowning in deadlines.

29 Jun 2018, by Michelle McGrath

Adobe Mobile Geolocation: Personalising the User Experience

Mobile apps, particularly Adobe Mobile Services enabled apps, offer an unprecedented ability to achieve these goals. Mobile Geolocation now enables marketers to build fences around locations that can give insights, such as; ‘how many customers opened our app at this sports game to research players’, ‘who opened the app at their destination after travelling with us’ or ‘who went to our store in a shopping centre after seeing a deal on our app’. We can then use these insights to deliver customised marketing, optimised apps and build audience segments.

16 Mar 2018, by Michelle McGrath

Google Analytics Custom Variables You Need Today

Of all the features Google Analytics provides one of the most valuable is custom variables. New clients are often unfamiliar with custom variables and unaware of the insights that can be gained by using them. We have compiled our favourite custom variables to get you thinking about how they can enrich your analytics.

23 Mar 2017, by Michelle McGrath