Google Analytics for Shopify Audit and Integration Services

Shopify is one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms for supporting online retail enterprises, while Google Analytics is an immensely popular digital analytics software solution. Each on their own is a powerful tool for business but together they can give you an unparalleled understanding of your customer, how they navigate your site, their purchases and marketing preferences. 

Google Analytics for Shopify

A Google Analytics for Shopify integration can help generate actionable insights, boost your marketing and drive your website optimization. One of the main hurdles, however, is that many out of the box integrations between Shopify and Google Analytics do not work as expected. As a result, these poorly configured integrations can impact your data accuracy, shed doubt on the insights generated and negatively impact your bottom line. 

Every site is different and requires some level of customisation to ensure that Shopify correctly sends data to Google Analytics. That’s why Lens10 has developed a professional Google Analytics for Shopify stream of service to help audit your existing setup, customise your GA-Shopify integration and ensure clean, actionable data for use in your reports.

A Lens10 Google Analytics for Shopify engagement will provide your organisation with the benefit of:

  • Clean eCommerce data in Google Analytics that you can trust
  • Better insight into your customer and their purchase journey
  • Ready to go eCommerce reporting for your business and marketing needs

What does Lens10’s Google Analytics for Shopify services look like:

  • Google Analytics for Shopify Audit. First, we conduct a 100-point audit of your current Google Analytics set-up to pinpoint any issues with your existing integration and review some of the key reports important to your business. 
  • Google Analytics for Shopify Integration and Customisation. Once the audit is complete we will rectify any issues found with your eCommerce set up by ensuring that Shopify is properly integrated with Google Analytics. This includes customising the integration to ensure that it accurately tracks each step of the purchase journey.
  • Google Analytics Data Cleanliness and Enrichment. To ensure that you get the most out of your Google Analytics reporting we then help customise your filters and channel groupings to improve the cleanliness of your data. Once that is done we help enrich your reports with Login, Subscribe and Create an Account events. 
  • eCommerce Dashboard for Simple Reporting and Analytics. Finally, after we’ve ensured that your data is clean, accurate and actionable we then create a personalised eCommerce dashboard for your business and marketing reporting based on the new set-up.

What will Lens10’s Google Analytics for Shopify Audit and Integration Services give you?

  • 100-point audit
  • Remediation of key audit findings
  • Customisation of your Shopify-GA Integration
  • Enrichment of your Google Analytics data with login, subscribe and create an account events.
  • A best practice DataStudio Ecommerce Dashboard

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