Google Tag Manager Advanced

Course length: 3 hours

Mode of delivery: Online led live by an instructor

Take your site tracking to the next level with our advanced course in Google Tag Manager.

Led by industry professionals with a multitude of experience in tag implementation, you’ll learn how to develop sophisticated web tracking on your own site. You will work alongside your expert trainers as they give you tips and tricks on how to unlock key insights about your audience and site functionality.

With attendance capped at 8 participants, our courses are designed to maximise interaction between instructors and attendees. This commitment to delivering personalised attention and expert training is what makes our courses stand out.

Learn how to:

  • Implement dataLayer and understand its importance
  • Leverage dataLayer through Google Tag Manager to create richer and more robust tracking
  • Create custom dimensions in Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager
  • Implement cross domain tracking
  • Create lookup tables for variables

Organisational applications:

  • Implement more sophisticated tracking through Google Tag Manager to enrich the data being sent to Google Analytics
  • Answer more advanced business questions by maximising your ability to track and understand your audience 

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