How to Easily Track Google Adwords Campaigns in Analytics

How to Easily Track Google Adwords Campaigns in Analytics


You can link your Google Analytics account to your Adwords account to get additional reporting within Analytics and Adwords.

Start within your Adwords account, go to the Reporting tab and select Google Analytics. You will need administrator privileges in Analytics to be able to link the accounts.


When linking the accounts, you have the option of enabling “Destination URL Autotagging”. This option allows you to differentiate your paid advertising from referrals and organic search listings. Autotagging works by adding a unique id to the end of your destination URLS.

Turning on Autotagging

Switch on autotagging from your Google Adwords account. Select “Account Preferences” under “My Account”.


Create new Analytics account?

You can only link one Analytics account to one Adwords account. It is suggested you create a new Analytics account for each Adwords account.

Timezone changes

Be aware that if you link an Adwords account with an Analytics account that has a different time zone, that the time zone in Analytics will automatically change to match Adwords.

Limit who can see the cost data

Once you have set up the link, you can limit who will see the cost data in Analytics. From Analytics, choose the profile and deselect the cost data option.

Check your auto-tagging is working

Note that encoded URLs and 3rd Party redirects can prevent autotagging from working as expected. This can be tested by adding a unique parameter to the end of a URL and checking that is is carried through to your destination page.

Adwords reporting in Analytics


By linking your Google Adwords to Google Analytics, you gain access to an Adwords menu under Traffic Sources on your Analytics dashboard. This allows you to easily review your top campaigns and keywords. You can also drill down to report on the value of the customers sourced by Adwords campaigns.

Match Currencies

To ensure that your Return On Investment reporting is accurate, check that you have specified the same currency in both Adwords and Analytics.

Why doesn’t my data exactly match?

Here are the most likely reasons…

  1. Adwords tracks clicks while Analytics tracks visits.
  2. Some visitors who click on your advertising may have cookies turned off so Analytics will not report these visits, yet they will be reported as clicks in Adwords.
  3. Visitors may click on your advertising and arrive at a landing page however if the Google Analytics Tracking Code does not execute, then Analytics will not record the visit.
  4. Adwords may identify some clicks as ‘invalid’ and automatically filter them, however Analytics will report the visits.
  5. The data may be temporarily out of sync as Adwords data is uploaded once a day.
  6. The Google Analytics Tracking Code may be missing from some of your landing pages and therefore did not get tracked in Analytics.
  7. Your site uses redirects and Analytics will not show the visits as coming from AdWords.


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