Lens10 COVID-19 Impact Analysis Dashboard

We understand that during times of crisis, it can be easy to not see the forest through the trees. We have tunnel vision goggles locked on responding to one fire at a time and feel like there is no time, resources or energy to be more strategic. Unfortunately, in the long run, this reactionary mindset can lead to problems spiralling out of control. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Here at Lens10, we’ve tried to make that action as quick and easy as possible with a versatile dashboard that showcases the progressive impact of COVID-19 in Australia. With the bigger picture of key COVID milestones integrated with your Google Analytics web metrics, we can clearly identify the impacts to your digital data during this crisis. 

And the best part, we promise it only takes 2 steps. Don’t believe us, check out the instructions below!

Step 1. Follow this link to the dashboard

Step 2. Click the drop down and select your GA property

All care is taken in the preparation of the information and published materials on this dashboard, but Lens10 accepts no responsibility nor liability for, and makes no representations with respect to, the accuracy of the information and published materials on this dashboard.

It is easy to ingest data into DataStudio and if you would like assistance in customising this dashboard or creating your own then contact us to get a quick quote and turnaround. To contact us, send us an email using this form.