Lens10 is a Google Analytics Certified Partner

As a result of Lens10’s position as experienced web analytics experts, Google has recognised Lens10 as a Google Analytics Certified Partner. This means we are one of a very small number of consultants in Australia that Google has chosen to partner with them in Analytics. Being a Google Analytics Certified Partner represents a company wide accreditation of our experience and expertise with Google Analytics.

Analytics Certified Partner Badge

This accreditation is not just handed out to anyone. There is a stringent application process whereby Google inspected us and our work, to the point that there were satisfied that Lens10 was prestigious enough to be awarded accreditation. This process included Lens10 providing an overview of our web analytics measurement planning process, as well as providing Google with comprehensive details of 3 verifiable, paid, expertly deployed Google Analytics projects with 3 different clients, who Google could contact for reference. Lens10 also had to provide additional evidence of our web analytics expertise, including a number of speaking engagements at conferences that Lens10 has participated in.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Google requires Lens10 to attend the Google Analytics Certified Partners Summit annually at the Google worldwide headquarters. This Summit represents the pinnacle of the global web analytics community, and ensures we are kept abreast of the latest developments in the world of web analytics. Additionally, Lens10 lodges quarterly reports with Google detailing the Analytics projects that Lens10 has worked on in that quarter, as a means of ensuring that our analytics experience and expertise continues to grow and evolve.

This entire process is in place so that Google feels confident in accrediting Lens10 as an organisation that Google is comfortable to partner with, and for Google to ensure that Lens10 is truely one of the foremost web analytics experts in Australia. As our continued status as a Google Analytics Certified Partner attests to, we feel confident in saying that we are.


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