Optimize 360

Course length: 3 hours

Mode of delivery: Online led live by an instructor

Create the best possible version of your website with Google’s intelligent AB testing tool.

Choosing the right structure and layout for your site can make a huge difference to audience reach and customer engagement. 

Learn how Optimize 360 can be used to uncover opportunities for improvement on your site. You’ll work alongside industry professionals as they guide you through the Optimize 360 interface and help you create your own experiments. Throughout this course, you’ll develop the skills to test different versions of your own website and elevate audience engagement. 

With attendance capped at 8 participants, our courses are designed to maximise interaction between instructors and attendees. This commitment to delivering personalised attention and expert training is what makes our courses stand out.

Learn how to:

  • Create audiences and segments in Google Analytics for use in Optimize 360
  • Design experiments and configure tests
  • Target pages and audiences
  • Measure the success of experiments
  • Implement best practice quality assurance testing

Organisational applications:

  • Perform powerful experiments to optimise your site and test new ideas
  • Improve your site experience and maximise your conversions through targeted user personalisations

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