Data assurance services

Data Assurance Services

Websites increasingly rely on data collected from tags to drive essential digital tools such as advertising, personalisation and optimisation. Undiscovered website or data collection issues can have significant ramifications on the performance of your digital business.

Lens10 has developed its own data assurance tool called DataTrue, which is used to provide data assurance services to clients.

Lens10 proactively monitors your sites using DataTrue to ensure critical workflows are working correctly, such as registration, shopping carts and checkouts. Tests can validate your tags across complex Ajax interactions, iframed content and across top-level domains. More than a simple tag scan, your sites can be audited hourly, daily or weekly to validate the quality of the data collection.

Automated monitoring can alert multiple internal or external teams and provide access to detailed reports to quickly identify and rectify issues.

Lens10 data assurance services are deployed autonomously of any tag management system and provide an independent source of reporting on the tags and data collection services. 

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