Data Studio

Data Studio

Data Studio is Google's free dashboarding tool that alows you to connect multiple data sources for analysis and visualisation.

Here are some benefits of Data Studio...

    • Professionally appealing and customisable. Unlike Google Analytics dashboards which tend to be restrictive, Google Data Studio gives users the freedom to create professionally stylish and insightful dashboards, tailored to the specific needs of their business.
    • Nurtures collaboration. Data studio dashboards use Google Drive technology where view or edit permissions can be granted to anyone with a Google Account allowing for governance and ease in distribution. It also boasts live collaboration allowing multiple users to edit the dashboard simultaneously.
    • It's interactive. Through the use of on-page filters and data range controls users with view access have the ability to analyse the data in a way that suits their business objectives without needing to have access to, or be proficient in, Google Analytics.
    • Multiple data sources. Google Data Studio allows users to seamlessly extract data from multiple sources including Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube and more! Furthermore, through the use of connectors, users can extract data from other non-Google data sources such as Facebook.
    • Reporting automation. Once your dashboard is set up, it will continue to automatically update with the latest data feeding in from data sources you have connected.
    • Data blending. Google Data Studio now allows users the ability to blend data from up to five sources and display the data in the same graph or chart. This feature enables users to report on a holistic level allowing for deeper analysis.
    • And most importantly... it's free and unlimited! Considering the price (or lack thereof), the features of Data Studio are abundant and we've found it's more than capable of catering for the needs of most businesses.

Want to know more about data visualisation?

Lens10 is Data Studio certified with commercial experience delivering dashboards in a vendor neutral way to all tiers of clients. We offer expertise in developing compelling data visualisations to make sense of increasingly large data sets and complex tools. Contact us for a conversation on how we can help visualise and user your digital data!

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