Digital measurement strategy

Digital Measurement Strategy

Tools such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics generate volumes of data. But which data is valuable to your business decision-making and growth? Lens10 works with you to ensure you have a solid digital measurement strategy that answers your business questions and objectives. The digital measurement strategy creates the foundations for your analytics implementation, reporting and insights.  

To guide your digital measurement strategy, we:

  • Offer an in-depth audit of your current web analytics configuration 
  • Understand your digital business objectives
  • ​Recommend a digital measurement model relevant to your objectives
  • Customise your analytics configuration to deliver on the measurement model
  • ​Offer implementation and dashboarding support as required
  • Offer training to allow you to make the most of your digital measurement strategy

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"Lens10's experience was invaluable in bringing our analytics out of the dark ages. Their advice and hard work have helped us to measure our activity more effectively and focus on what is important for our various departments."

Megan Powell. Director, Multichannel Marketing, Communications and New Media. Monash University.


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