Digital strategy consulting

Digital Strategy Consulting

Great digital strategy requires a mix of expertise and business acumen, which is the starting point for Lens10. We can evaluate your existing strategies, identifying new directions and help you through to implementation. Typically, we undertake a commercial and/or technical audit and analysis of the existing digital business, a detailed gap analysis, including risks and opportunities, and an analysis of business data. From this we identify and evaluate the strategic options and map out a proposal supported by detailed business plan and financial models and develop ongoing data-driven optimisation systems.

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Benefits of a Tag Management System
With the continuing expansion of the digital marketing industry, the role of tags for tracking data has become more important and complex.
Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps
Tagging mobile apps, as opposed to tagging websites, produces a unique set of challenges for marketers and developers. Whereas on the web you can analyse data and make tagging changes in real time, any alterations to a mobile app implementation must wait until users download the next update of the app, as apps are “frozen” in between updates.
Advanced Segmentation with Google Analytics
One of the most useful features that I use regularly in Google Analytics is Advanced Segmentation. Advanced Segmentation allows me to “segment” or “filter “ my analytics data so I can see what’s happening on my site at a more detailed level than is available via the standard Google Analytics reports.
Lens10 is a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner
As a result of Lens 10's position as experienced web analytics experts, Google has recognised Lens 10 as a Google Analytics Certified Partner. This means we are one of a very small number of consultants in Australa that Google has chosen to partner with them in Analytics

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