Google Marketing Platform (formerly Google Analytics 360 Suite)

Google Marketing Platform

(formerly Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick Marketing Suite) 

The Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is designed to provide advanced insights and marketing action-ability. At the heart of it is Analytics 360, an enterprise analytics platform that communicates seamlessly with ad technology, website optimisation technology, market research technology, dashboarding options, as well as Google's cloud data warehouse, Google BigQuery.

The GMP is comprised of the measurement products (formerly known as the Google Analytics 360 Suite), which includes;

    • Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium, consolidates data about customer behaviour into a single product and makes it easy to perform robust analysis.  It also integrates with other GMP's advertising and optimisation products for marketing campaign execution for seamless automation.
    • Optimize 360, a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) or website testing and personalisation tool. Show your users different variations of your site, then use and refine the best-performing options to increase customer engagement with your brand.
    • Data Studio, a data visualisation tool that processes the data to enable beautifully informative reports: easy to read, easy to share, and customisable.  Data Studio is able to connect directly to a multitude of data sources for consolidated analysis and reporting.
    • Tag Manager 360, is an enterprise tag management technology offering simplified data collection and powerful APIs for better data accuracy and streamlined workflows.
    • Surveys 360, provides a speedy and cost effective way to conduct mass market research using your Analytic s 360 audiences.  (Unfortunately, Surveys 360 is not available in Australia currently.  Fortunately, Google Surveys is available and it has the ability to deliver market research - just without the integration of Analytics 360).
    • Attribution 360, formerly known as Adometry, helps advertisers see the value of their media investments and allocate budgets with confidence. It enables you to analyse performance across channels and devices to achieve the most effective marketing mix. (Unfortunately this is currently not available in Australia)

as well as the advertising products (formerly known as the DoubleClick Marketing Suite), which includes;

    • Display & Video 360 (DV360), is the evolution and consolidation of DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), DoubleClick Studio and Audience Center 360.  It is Google's one-stop-shop for programmatic advertising and includes the following modules:  
        • Creative, formerly known as DoubleClick Studio, is a feature of DV 360 which allows you to plan, create and implement display creatives in a collaborative environment at scale.
        • Audiences, formerly known as Audience Center 360, are a feature of DV 360, which allows you to manage and create custom audiences.
        • Campaigns, formerly DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), 
        • Inventory; formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), Google's demand-side platform (DSP) that allows you to discover and manage high-quality inventory from broadcasters and publishers effectively.
        • Insights, where you can analyse the performance of your DV 360 campaigns.
    • Search Ads 360, formerly DoubleClick Search, is an enterprise paid search management platform that provides improved workflow and reporting across multiple campaigns, accounts, channels and engines. 
    • Google Ad Manager, is a consolidation of two former services; DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.  Google's supply-side platform (SSP) and ad exchange which allows publishers to manage the sale of their ad inventory and serve ads on their websites or platforms.

We specialise in the measurement product space and can help your organisation to use the Google Marketing Platform to its full potential.  We are also experts in data integration and Google Cloud Platform certified so we can help you connect your offline data to your online data to be used for more effective marketing planning and execution.  To find out more about how you can use your data more effectively please speak to one of our expert consultants today!

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