Google Optimize & Optimize 360

Optimize & Optimize 360

Optimize is Google’s powerful answer to online testing and optimisation, allowing you to serve up different versions of your website to users and quickly make smarter decisions about what engages your audiences and drives your site’s success.

What are the benefits of Google Optimize? 

  •  Fantastic testing capabilities. Create powerful A/B or multivariate tests to trial ideas on website content, layout and UX and find the best version to accelerate your objectives. 
  •  Google Analytics integration. Integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics to access all your experimentation data in one place and set your most important Analytics goals as testing objectives to decide which version was the most successful.
  •  Google Optimize is free for the basic version! The basic version of Optimize is free and relatively easy to set up, just requiring you to add a few lines of code to each page of your website.

Should you be using Optimize 360?

Optimize 360 was built with enterprises in mind, turbocharging the free version’s capabilities and adding new features to the mix, allowing you to deliver a truly unique experience for your audience.

  • Personalise your website based on audience segmentation. Optimize 360 enables you to import audiences from the Google Marketing Platform, allowing you to serve up different versions of the site depending on which stage of the purchase funnel the user is on, their interests or their profile. This is the most powerful difference between the two versions, providing you with the opportunity to reach your customer which highly targeted messages and experiences.
  • Work on a grander scale. While Google Optimize only allows you to run 5 experiments at a time, Optimize 360 takes this to 100. Similarly, Google Optimize only allows 3 objectives by which to measure success, Optimize 360 allows 10, which gives it greater capacity to measure test wins.
  • Greater flexibility with testing. While both versions allow you to run multivariate tests, Optimize 360 permits you to play with up to 36 combinations (as opposed to 16 in Google Optimize). This makes the testing granular and complex enough for even the most stringent enterprise requirements.
  • It comes with Google SLA’s. Enterprise level business requires immediate support and technical assistance to ensure that their platforms are constantly running at optimum levels. Google SLA’s provide an extra layer of assurance that your digital property is well taken care of.

Looking to set up an Optimize account?

Lens10 is a Google Optimize Certified Partner with experience in assisting enterprises take their website to the next level. Experts in analytics, optimization and personalisation, we have the tools and experience to help you engage your audiences like never before. Contact us to learn how we might help you at each step of the process from implementation to experimentation with Optimize 360, or if you aren’t sure whether this tool is right for you yet try the free version for yourself.  

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