Marketing attribution modelling

Marketing Channel Attribution

Lens10 has significant expertise in all aspects of collecting, reporting, modelling and interpreting marketing channel attribution and developing strategies for marketing channel optimisation. That means we can interpret the data to ensure you make the most of your marketing budget and time.

Our services include:

  • Deploying media tags
  • Configuring goals
  • Ecommerce reporting
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Advanced segments and other customisations 
  • Providing process tools to create URL links
  • Configuring custom channel processing rules
  • Reporting traffic and conversion attribution 
  • Iterative multi-channel models
  • Integrating multiple data sources for centralised analysis
  • Reporting and visualisation
  • Liaising with media agencies and other suppliers to support their tagging and reporting needs
  • Coaching in-house and agency teams in the set-up, process, interpretation and reporting for accurate channel attribution.

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Using The Booking Button? Lens10 recently helped SiteMinder to update their Google Analytics integration to Universal. Follow this guide to attribute hotel bookings to the original campaign or traffic source in Google Analytics.
Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps
Tagging mobile apps, as opposed to tagging websites, produces a unique set of challenges for marketers and developers. Whereas on the web you can analyse data and make tagging changes in real time, any alterations to a mobile app implementation must wait until users download the next update of the app, as apps are “frozen” in between updates.
Advanced Segmentation with Google Analytics
One of the most useful features that I use regularly in Google Analytics is Advanced Segmentation. Advanced Segmentation allows me to “segment” or “filter “ my analytics data so I can see what’s happening on my site at a more detailed level than is available via the standard Google Analytics reports.
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You can link your Google Analytics account to your Adwords account to get additional reporting within Analytics and Adwords.

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