Technical web analytics support

Technical Analytics Support

Websites are becoming more complex and dynamic, so collecting the data your business needs can be overwhelming. Standard implementations of conventional tools can fall short, requiring customised configurations to boost capabilities. At Lens10 we offer technical and analytical support to solve these problems so you can get the data you want when you want it, regardless of the design of your site.

Our technical team works with websites, mobile applications and other digital assets using tools such as: 

Typical projects we deliver include:

  • Tracking of dynamic single page websites for meaningful google analytics reporting
  • Writing and implementing advanced API scripts to solve technical data problems
  • Advanced systems architecture and data collection, enabling the blending of data from multiple sources into a single database
  • The tracking of offline or otherwise invisible user interactions for the purposes of creating a complete user map
  • Advanced tracking for prototype testing and error identification

Lens10 can give you the peace of mind in knowing your data collection strategies will be implemented by our expert technical support team.

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