Virtual and In-Person Training

Virtual and In-Person Training

At Lens10, our approach to training is practical from the ground up. 

From offering analytics professionals as our instructors to designing training based on our proven experience with clients, our courses will give you the tools to unlock the potential of your business. 

We strive to ensure every participant not only understands the course material but how to apply their new skills to their own organisation. Our experienced team of instructors take a hands-on, interactive approach, personally guiding students through our online courses which are specifically designed with accessibility in mind.

Our Courses

What makes Lens10 different?

Hands-On Workshops

You’ll work through labs and practical examples and gain on-the-spot guidance from our expert trainers. 

Best Practice Assets

Our modules provide take home assets with best practice examples to improve the efficiency of your business.


We provide fun assessments during training to ensure everyone is keeping up, as well as take-home assessments to improve information retention. 

Online courses

Our courses are completely virtual, providing accessibility to students in a range of locations on a flexible schedule. 

Practical Guidance

Our team brings their experience to the training program, helping students understand how to apply course material to their organisation.

The Team

Our team of instructors are not just teachers. Together, they have accumulated decades of experience in digital analysis and optimisation, with clients spanning government and enterprise businesses.

Lens10 provided a very engaging analytics training for us, suitable for both power-users and people not familiar yet with any analytics tool. The use-cases discussed in the training is taken from real-life data from our digital assets, and therefore sparked interests from various business units to understand more insights about our users. The quiz and prizes at the end showed that data can also be fun.

Andryo Haripradono - Amaysim