What is App + Web?! 

We’ve heard many whispers and rumours about what Google’s new analytics platform App + Web actually is. We figure there is enough uncertainty in our lives right now, so we will jump in and help get the story straight on this one! 

With ‘App + Web’, Google has picked a name that is both quite literal and quite confusing at the same time (for example, it doesn’t matter if you don’t even have an app!). So let’s break it down. 

Google Analytics currently exists in two platforms;

  1. Google Analytics (Universal) – which has comprehensive reporting and continues to evolve but, let’s be honest, it was designed with a web-first approach. 
  2. Google Analytics for Firebase – which was designed more recently, specifically for apps. It has a simple but powerful event-based tracking model, and developers love it.

Enter App + Web, a single platform that can be the go-to console for all of the above (and more). 

To answer some frequently asked questions about this straight off the bat:

  • Yes, this does mean that App + Web is available now for set up (however still in beta), and can be run in parallel with your existing GA. 
  • Yes, this means that now is the time to get things in order and understand what App + Web means for your organisation off GA. Don’t underestimate how important it is to start collecting historical data now!
  • No, App + Web is not only relevant for organisations who have apps – it will give you better website analytics functionality too.
  • Yes, you should be excited! The future looks bright for App + Web. It addresses a lot of the little gripes and challenges we’ve faced with GA in the past, and then added some sparkle on top of that for good measure. 

Don’t be fooled by the fact that App + Web is still in Beta – jumping on board sooner rather than later will be critical to help you avoid future pain (or, better still, enjoy some early benefits).

This means it’s time to start thinking about your onboarding plan. 

To help with this process, Lens10 will be putting forward a detailed onboarding plan over the next few weeks, as well as a deeper dive into the functionality of App + Web (including benefits and current limitations). 

Spoiler alert: the first step we’ll be suggesting is to set up App + Web properties in parallel to your existing implementation. 

Good news is this is relatively easy, and better still is that this can all be done remotely. What better way to get some early wins on the board during the launch of your ‘WFH’ phase. It’s an easy way to secure some positive progress to report back to your team! Feel free to reach out to us right away to get this started.

  • Better future analysis relies on you collecting historical data, starting now.  There’s no data in App + Web until you set it up. It’s important to start collecting data as soon as possible, so you have a decent historical dataset to work with once you start using it full-time.
  • Users of GA free are getting access to enterprise features – for free. If you’re using the free version of Google Analytics – this is a no brainer, as it opens up new reporting functionality previously only available with the enterprise subscription to Analytics 360 (Hello Advanced Analysis, Pathing and Funnels!). It also enables direct log file exports to BigQuery for free, perfect for your advanced analytics use cases and data joining.
  • Your organisation will need time to learn – the new interface is a little different. Setting it up now gives your team time to learn how to navigate the new tool and explore the new reporting features. 

If you’re feeling unsure about any of this, please reach out to us. But overall, be assured that Lens10 has led the onboarding of many an analytics platform in our time – from shifting to Universal analytics from Classic, to the introduction of GA’s Enhanced Ecommerce and Firebase. We have a deep understanding of the essential ingredients of a seamless onboarding– testing, change management, data governance and risk mitigation (this is actually part of the reason we developed our data assurance tool, DataTrue!). We are well placed to be your tour guide on this exciting new journey towards App + Web!

Stay tuned and we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks.