Migrating from Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) to Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch is Adobe’s next-generation tag management solution, an innovative approach that unifies Adobe platforms with your marketing ecosystem to allow robust integrations that can deliver relevant customer experiences. 

Why is it important?

Adobe will retire it’s old tag management system, Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM), in favour of Adobe Launch by January 2021. As a result, organisations that wish to continue using the Adobe tag management system, must migrate over to Adobe Launch before then or risk losing data and functionality.

What is involved?

We have a 5 step approach to migrating from DTM to Launch and our expert team of Adobe practitioners can guide you through each step of the process with thorough documentation and personalised support.

  1. Preparation 
    Abraham Lincoln once said about preparation, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The sharpening of our metaphorical axe involves capturing the existing tracking setup in DTM to establish baseline reporting so that we can validate key metrics in the new implementation. Adobe Analytics and 3rd party tags are validated and we help you develop a testing process and supporting documentation of the current and future configuration. 
  2. Implementation
    We focus on transferring the current implementation to Launch, which can be made easier using the upgrade assistant feature available in DTM.  
  3. Testing
    The new implementation is then tested, reviewed, and any issues are fixed so that our implementation is sound, secure and ready to launch (pun intended). To help make everyone’s lives easier, we leverage our automated testing tool, DataTrue to ensure that our new implementation is squeaky clean and the data is validated against the baseline reports set up during the preparation phase.
  4. Release
    We publish our changes into production and update the old DTM script on the website to the new Launch script.
  5. Validation
    Before we pat ourselves on the back and congratulate each other on a job well done, we do a final round of data validation to make sure that our live implementation matches up with our baseline reports again.  With DataTrue running in the background to help us, we can sleep easy knowing that all of our data is consistent and we will be alerted if any of our tags decide to misbehave.

What next?

Let us be your tour guide through this complex migration – we’ve navigated the Adobe Launch jungle many times and can help you avoid pitfalls that could derail your journey to next-generation tag management! Please email us at info@lens10.com.au for a free, no-strings-attached consultation on your migration.