Why your staff should upskill in Google Tag Manager

If you are using Google Analytics but haven’t implemented Google Tag Manager, or you are using Google Tag Manager but feel like you haven’t really unpacked the full scope of what you can do with it then maybe you should consider upskilling yourself or your staff in one of the most powerful tools in the Google Marketing Platform stack. GTM is a tag management tool that helps enrich the data that you get from your website by allowing you to customise the way that you track your users and their interactions with your product. 

To understand why GTM is so powerful here are five reasons why your staff should upskill in Google Tag Manager: 

Customise the Google Analytics tracking to your website

Out of the box Google Analytics provides some interesting metrics like what pages your audience came from, what pages they visited and what device they were using to do so. Google Tag Manager, however, can help you take this tracking to another level. If you are interested in understanding user interactions like button clicks, scrolls, form completions, conversions and logins, then GTM is the tool you should be using to track them. Upskilling your staff to do this will seriously enrich the data you are capturing and give you some fantastic insights into the user experience.

Enrich your data to identify optimisation opportunities

Once you’ve started tracking user interactions across key areas of your site, then you can use Google Analytics to identify areas that are underperforming such as forms that have a big dropout rate. GTM not only facilitates this tracking it also gives your staff insight into exactly what the data they are looking at represents, reducing the potential for error caused by assumptions.

Understand your audience better

GTM tracking can give you serious insight into your audience such as how logged in users differ from those that come to your site as guests, which users have abandoned a purchase and which users have watched more than 50% of your embedded videos. The possibilities are endless and provide fantastic opportunity for segmentation and activation through marketing or optimisation platforms. 

Improve your marketing efforts 

One of the best places you can put the data you gathered from GTM to work is through your marketing efforts. Once you track key user interactions you can start creating google analytics audiences to send to your marketing products. You can use this to create personas, target users based on interactions and even exclude people from certain marketing campaigns based on their activity on your site.  

Become a data-driven organisation

At the end of the day training your staff in GTM is all about understanding your site and your audience better. This is a great step towards ensuring that the business decisions you make are not based on assumptions but on cold hard data, saving you money and ensuring a smooth experience for your customers.